Thursday, February 24, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 2011 Pub Crawl T-Shirts

st patrick's day pub crawl t-shirt
Are you going to be one of the many people this St. Patrick's Day that leads the charge, I mean crawl, from pub to pub? Thousands will enter, few will win.

Wait, what? We're all winners on Saint Paddy's Day, no matter how drunk you get or how blackout you get, or where you wake up in the morning. Make this year one that you'll never forget (or maybe one that you'll never forget how you blacked out in the middle of the bar) with one of these cool pub crawl t-shirts. It's brought to you by Irish Curlys, who remind you to drink responsibly. And by responsibly, we mean don't put mix hard alcohol and booze. Mixing it up tends to create a really bad hangover the next day... but then again, isn't that all part of the mystique that is St. Patrick's Day? You can find this shirt in other styles here.

Welcome to Irish Tee Shirts!

This is our very first post on the Irish Tee Shirts blog. If you're pretty quick witted, you probably have figured out by now that this blog is going to be about Irish t-shirts. Why, you ask?
Because someone has to make a great blog featuring the best Irish shirts on the web, and why not us? Our aim is to find you a great Irish shirt to show off your heritage, or to give as a gift. What will you give you if we can't fulfill that dream? Well, post a comment and we'll try to find that design for you. One may just magically appear like a wee Leprechaun if you do.

Enough of the jibber jabbering, let's start showing you some shirts!